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Air Flashback 3.1

Air Flashback is an arcade aviation simulator dedicated to the events of WW II
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This free program is a flight simulator and shooter game with a World War II air battle theme. You are the pilot of a fighter plane whose goal is to shoot down as many enemy planes as possible. The game offers you several options. You can start with the training mode to become familiar with the game's controls and options. Then, you can choose a quick game where you can fight another plane. Then, you can tackle a mission where you will fight against rogue pilots and planes. Each one of these options has three different levels of difficulty.

The graphics are good and the plane models are very well made. The game also has cool background music.

Although it is an interesting and entertaining game, it has some drawbacks. For example, it takes a while to load. You need a good graphics card and a fast processor to play the game at its best. Also, you need to practice a lot to become familiar with the controls and options.

Please note that you need DirectPlay installed in your system in order to play the game. If the program is not installed, the game will ask you to install it during your first use.

Although the program is free to download and use, the installation wizard asks you to make MyPlayCity your default homepage and new browser page, as well as to set MyPlayCity as your search provider. You can decline to do so and still have the game installed in your system.

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  • It is free to download and use
  • Good graphics and plane models
  • It has several options with different difficult levels
  • The music is cool


  • It takes a while to load
  • You need a good graphics card and a good processor to play the game
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